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Jet Washing

Block Paving makes any property aesthetically pleasing and needs only the occasional maintenance to keep it at its best.




Over time, your driveway may need cleaning and we offer a cleaning solution for you at an affordable price.

Using the latest acrylic Block Paving Sealers to professionally protect your driveway and maintain a weed-free clean surface.

Our Block Paving Cleaning Service ensures that your paving will stay clean and protected from the elements.


Additional Information

Driveways constructed from block paving are a popular choice for many homeowners.

They enhance  the exterior look of your property and create an individual aesthetics to your home.  

While block paving requires little maintenance, they will collect dirt and debris.



Weeds and moss may also gather over time, leaving your block pave looking dirty and unkempt.

Oil spills may also make your driveway unattractive.


We provide a cleaning service that will eradicate the weed and moss growth.  

We clean and then treat the weed growth first.

Most oil spills etc. can be removed.



We will then thoroughly clean your driveway and bring it back to its original state, so once again your driveway will enhance your property.  

It is better to get the professionals in to clean your driveway to get the best out of it.

Call Drive Tech . Co




Garden paths link, lead and lure, not only do they serve a practical purpose, but they also offer great scope for imaginative designs and planting. Carefully thought-out paths strike a balance between necessity and style, seamlessly linking house and outbuildings with the garden and its features – all whilst also blending with the existing architecture and materials.

Garden decking is more than a mere outdoor accessory. It's a way to redefine your entire garden, to make it a far more appealing place to spend your spare time. If your garden is little more than a patch of grass at the moment, it's high time you did something with this blank canvas - a garden is whatever you make of it, and garden decking could be all you need to make it look good!

Timber decking is highly flexible – and provides extra social space that’s ideal for children playing, dining, entertaining, or just simply relaxing. Whatever the reasons for creating a deck, it’s one of the most attractive additions that can be made to a home.

A Block Paved patio will also look aesthetically pleasing if well maintained.  It is a valuable asset to your home but only if you take care of the washing and cleaning.  

Regular cleaning and sealing will extend the life of the patio.  We can assist with this to enable you to relax and enjoy a barbecue and entertain friends.  

Modern patios are also a place where children can play, in the safety, of your power washed garden/patio.

Block Pave Paths also benefit from pressure cleaning.  Dirt and debris (leaves) gather and can make paths slippy, especially in the winter months. Therefore, it is just as important to keep paths clean all year round.

For a professional job to be done, please give us a call.


Specialists in the area of lifting and resetting block paving.  We also re-sand and ensure the levels are correct for each block.

We accommodate for both domestic and larger commercial work.


Our expertise returning Tarmac driveways back to its original state.

Cleaning Tarmac Driveways




Tarmac Sealants have been developed over many years and we have extensive experience and highly skilled staff that allows us to undertake tarmac works of any size.



We also off a sealing service for your driveway, paths and patios.

After thoroughly cleaning your driveway, we can professionally seal them.  

By sealing the block pave driveway it helps to keep the weed and moss growth at bay for longer.  

It also keeps the driveway looking at its best.


Maintenance of Block Paving

Requires little maintenance, however if you find oil stains etc. then we are able to provide a cleaning service to remove stains.

Individual blocks can be lifted and replaced if, for example, they are damaged in any way or through oil stain deposits


We pride ourselves on offering a power washing cleaning service to revive the driveways, paths and patios.

Our cleaning service is suitable for both domestic and commercial properties.

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